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Viraj Chavan

Product-Minded Full-Stack Software Engineer

Ruby On Rails

I like to build things.

An insurance comparison service with an MIS built in Ruby on Rails. Worked as a full-stack developer in a team of 5 for over a year.
Apps at
Built several products and systems as a Web Application Developer at
An open source platform for expolring the best learning resources for any topic. Built in Ruby on Rails, worked at the initial stages as a full-stack developer.
Calendars App
A Ruby on Rails app that syncs all your Google calendar events and presents them in a simple UI
Personal blog
Personal portfolio and a place to publish blogs. Built in GatsbyJs, React. (This website!)
Game of Shares
A share market simulator to learn the basics of share market built in PHP, MySQL. A hobby project built in college which went viral for a short period of time among 300+ students.
Days Until
A simple Chrome extension I built which gained 8000+ weekly active users organically and was featured on ProductHunt.
A web portal acting as a community for the book readers of the college WCE, Sangli built in PHP, MySQL, had 75+ active happy users when active.