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Projects I have worked on:

Apps at

I was part of the team building web applications having more than a million impressions a day.

The project has a large team consisting several small sub-teams having different responsibilities.

These were some of the things I did at so far:

  • Designed, developed, and maintained features for an application distribution platform. (Tech: JavaScript, NodeJS, PHP, Java, MySQL)
  • Built front-end web applications having more than a million impressions a day.
  • Created data-rich interactive user interfaces using ReactJs.
  • Built an employee data management system using NodeJs, MongoDB, GraphQL & React for 1.3k+ employees.
  • Added features to an existing PHP back-end.

A few business outcomes:

  • Increased business revenue by building new features that increased user interactivity with the product.
  • Saved infrastructure costs by optimizing CPU and storage usage for a microservice used a few million times a day.
  • Reduced technical debt by refactoring existing code and writing documentation for the new ones

The scale in terms of number of users and code helped me understand the challenges involved in building large complex systems. I understood how efficient caching at different places can speed up our systems.

I also observed how product managers shape the products, something I was not exposed to before. At my previous work, this was something done partly by the developers. I have always been interested in the product development/product management and crucial it is to building great products.