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LearnAwesome - Humanity's universal learning map | Product Hunt Embed

This is an open source project in which I got involved in at its early stages.

Learnawesome is an open source platform for exploring the best learning resources for any topic in the world.

The idea caught my interest, and since it was being built in Ruby on Rails, something I had good experience in, I decided to contribute.

My contributions included:

  • importing data from external sources into the database
  • building autosuggestion features
  • wrote some APIs
  • build interactive user interfaces
  • discussing core features to build

I learned about the challenges involved in building an open source software with a distributed team. Although I did enjoy working remotely and look forward to doing more of it. I couldn't contribute to it for a while due to other priorities, but I look forward to doing it more when I get the time.

The project is still in development mode, right now the work on a seperate front-end in React is being built, powered by graphQL.

If you're interested in contributing to this project, join the conversation on Gitter, they're looking for more people to join!