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Days Until (Chrome Extension)


Days Until (Chrome Extension) - A days countdown ALWAYS in front of your eyes | Product Hunt Embed

I built this small Chrome extension in 2-3 hours because I wanted this functionality and there was no existing extension that did what I want.

There's nothing technologically difficult or interesting in this project. Anyone could write the the code.

What's interesting is after I published it on the Chrome Web Store, it grew to 3000+ active users organically. The only place I had publicized it was on ProductHunt.

Here are some stats (at the time of writing this, Jan 2020):

  • 10,000+ weekly active users
  • High Chrome Webstore ranking for multiple related keywords
  • Growing at 50+ new users per week
  • 54% + users are from the USA, 12% + from Australia
  • The extension popup has been opened 42k + times so far

I ended up selling it to someone for money worth my current one month's salary. I later realized it was worth a lot more due to the number of users it had!